I walk around in this world like a ghost on a new moon night.
Wondering what’s the purpose of life,
The more I ask questions the more I get shut down.
Science, religion or philosophy couldn’t satisfy my curiosity,

I see the earthly beauties being destroyed by humanity,
I see innocent children dying in their mother’s arm.
I learn to ignore the homeless people on streets,
I learn to follow the government rules with out questions.

I am a robot.
We are all robots.
No matter how free you think you are.
You are not.

So what is the purpose of life?
Is there a bigger picture behind the bible or science?
Will the questions we ask every day to ourselves even be answered?
Will we ever be truly free?

— My thoughts goes beyond the world and I need answers or I’ll go crazy. (via lost-moonlight)
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There can be 50+ guys I can talk to right now and know in a while with time they’ll claim they love me just because I’m me and nothing but myself. Just like he claims that I’m perfect despite my endless number of flaws that he is very well aware of. The mistakes I have made and regret. How often I feel insecure and then I feel all of a sudden beautiful. He that claims this that I am what is impossible because I’m only human. And that in every way is impossible. Yet he tells me that I am he claims that I am. He tells me that the impossible is suddenly possible because I’m nothing but myself with him just like I am and would be with anyone elce. And every passing second I’m awaiting for his response to a text message, or every hour I spend thinking of him wondering and worrying and what he’s doing,and every day that I learn something new of him I start to fall. To fall a little closer a little deeper for him and I know that he will be doing nothing but the same.

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Love this!!!

Having these kinds of conversations


More Facts on Psychofacts :)
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More Facts on Psychofacts :)
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